The team

Members of the board Enforsa Ltd.

Mr.  J. Maertens, Managing Director

  • Mr Maertens is a psychologist-psychotherapist, and graduated as a special needs teacher at the RUG in Ghent, where he also worked as an assistant to Professor G. De Bock.
  • He is one of the founders of “De Sleutel”, a network of centres for drugs prevention and the treatment of drug addicts. In 1991, the Brothers of Charity incorporated the “De Sleutel” network. He was the CEO of “De Sleutel” until 2008.
  • At the same time, together with his wife, Magda Baukeland, he founded the “Centrum voor persoons- en relatie training” in 1979 in Damme. He still works there as a psychologist-psychotherapist specializing in individual therapies, group therapies and management coaching. Johan is also a co-founder and was the chairman of the European and International Association of Bonding Psychotherapy.
  • In 2007, on the request of Brother General of the Brothers of Charity, he started to build an international network and structure to support the fundraising of the Brothers of Charity’s 150 projects in at least 30 different countries. In order to support this, Johan founded a new company “International Management and Health Advisors”.
  • In 2012, Johan was one of the initiators of commercializing charity through the principles of Economy of Communion: setting up commercial companies with a high corporate social responsibility. The first company founded on that principle was Enforsa NV, of which he is the chairman of the board of directors.